Footage Nobody Wanted to Buy: Brandon Perelson & Friends, bro

It’s not that nobody wanted to BUY the footage
I didn’t actually try to peddle it to anyone because…well…I just didn’t, bro.
Brandon Perelson & some bro’s in various of South California orifices.

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February 22, 2014 · 1:46 am


Slave skateboards took a trip through California last year. Check the next issue of Skateboarder Magazine for the article. Extras will be blogged.

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Peter Watkins, bro

Peter Watkins, Auburn, CA

This fogged photo is from a trip to Sacramento with the Ozone Skate shop crew. On our way home we stopped in Auburn after skating Grass Valley park. I straddled this wall with another ‘bro with a camera’ for a few while Peter tried this yank.

The print was made at Transworld while I was working in the old darkroom.

Peter's Automatic Cover!

Little did Peter know that he would be getting paid to yank one day. This Photo also graced the cover of our favorite free rag, Automatic Magazine.

That road trip, we skated the bank to barrier in Sacramento Cardiel skates at the beginning of his ‘Cash, Money, Vagrant’ part, we went to a masquerade party with naked masked people hanging out and we skated with a dude whose name rhymes with Taco.┬áTaco socked a harmless kid in the eye for getting in his flyout line at the skatepark. Matt smoked weed for the first time. Peter 360 flip lipped the rail at Davis, we skated the Vagabond pool in Fresno, and no one got any chicks despite our best efforts…it was a good trip.

Peter’s part from the Ozone shop video, Nothing Shocking

Peter yanking one off a wall by the river in Portland.

This yank was in a Transworld article about working class AM’s in skateboarding. Shortly after the article came out Peter had a pro board for Black Label. Snakes! Congratulations!

Peter and I have skated so much over the past 10 years. Here are a few extra photos to look at. Some were published, some sat in my hard drive until now. More to come as soon as I decide I want to make animated gifs out of all of the sequences sitting in the Watkins file.

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Film Exchange with Jai Tanju #2 Figgy!!!

Film Exchange with Jai Tanju #2 Figgy!!!

Figgy doesn’t have trouble skating rails.
I figured he wouldn’t mind if I gambled a little bit with the photo on this one.
Jai Tanju sent me a roll of film that he had already shot so that I could load it up and shoot over it. I didn’t line up the frame perfectly but I think the results were cool regardless of my clumsiness.
Joe Brook, you’re next buddy!

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March 7, 2012 · 8:16 pm

Ripitbro video #1 The Pigeon Pool

Footage from the same day I shot the madonna photo of Lance Mountain that you saw a couple of posts ago.

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March 4, 2012 · 2:48 am

“I’ve got a real problem” -Peter Hewitt, 1999

“It scared me but by then it was too late so I just went with it” In his 411VM #33 Profile from ’99 Peter opens up publicly and admits to his addiction. “I’ve got a real problem with going too fast. I just can’t stop.”

These are some old photos from a trip out to one of the coolest spots I’ve ever been to.

The Egg.

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Lance Mountain rules, bro!


Lance rules. He’s the skaters skater.

The pool is called “Pigeon”, because of the birds nest that sits in the hole where the light used to be. The nest and about 25 years worth of pigeon shit splattered in the pool and around the neighborhood.

I’ll put up a short video and some more photos from the day soon.

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